Benefits of Lawn Aerification

What is lawn aerification and why is it important? Lawn aerification is a critical part of maintaining a healthy lawn. It is recommended that a lawn aerification be done once per year during the Spring or early Summer months. This will help prepare your lawn for the long Texas summers and will allow you to use your irrigation water more efficiently. This process includes removing a soil core about 3/4 of an inch wide and 2 inches long in a random pattern across the lawn. The machine pulls out soil cores as it moves across the lawn, the cores are left on the lawn to breakdown and return back into the soil profile providing nutrients. This process creates vents in the soil that allows for air exchange to increases root mass and density. Other benefits of lawn aerification include: Improved Air Exchange in the soil, Reduced Soil Compaction, Reduced Puddling or Runoff of irrigation or Rain Water, Enhanced Heat and Drought Stress Tolerance, Increased Pore Space for Water Storage in the Soil, Thatch or Biomass removal, Improved Nutrient or Fertilizer Uptake. Call Perfect Cuts at 512-453-5569 for a quote to aerify your lawn today.